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By Leslie Logan
Teen Scribe
You make the world think
That you don’t care
With your head in the clouds
And your nose in the air
Though inside you think
It’s just not fair
Because your true feelings
Are hard to share
So you sit back
And watch your life fly by
Leaving your loved ones wondering
Why you don’t try
Just know that
It’s okay to cry
Don’t think that you can blow it off
With one long sigh
Why don’t you
Give it a shot?
Thinks will work out
Leaving you on top
Do a 180
Put yourself in the right spot
Life isn’t
As hard as you thought

On the Bright Side

What I’m made up of is not gold
You should all believe it when you’re told
That every cloud
Has a silver lining
It’s second best, and I’ll always be
Not valuable, and never seen
I’ll just remember
That every cloud
Has a silver lining
“Do your part” and “Work your hardest!”
It’s too much pressure, to be honest
Not the dumbest, and never the smartest,
But in the end
Every cloud
Has a silver lining.
Leslie Logan
8th Grade

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