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Dear Santa,

This is Bob again. No, not Ronald. My name is Bob. Remember? From the Advocate a few years ago? I’m the editor of County News Online now and a Santa’s Helper (No. 31278664). I just posted more letters to you, this time from Mrs. Buschur’s class here in Greenville, Ohio.

And guess what? Yep. You guessed it. They have a bunch of questions for you!

I know, it might take a day or two, but they really would appreciate it if you answered some of their questions. Frankly? I’d kind of like to know, too. Like how you get all those toys onto your sleigh. A child asked me that last year… all I could say was you’re magic.

I’ve been good but I don’t want any toys for Christmas. All I want this year is for you to answer our questions. Okay?

Thanks, Santa
Bob Robinson
Santa’s Helper No. 31278664

Dear Jake,

Ho ho ho. Yes, I know who you are. You sure are being a pest this year. At least when you were at that paper you only wrote to me once a year. This is TWICE this year! Did Mrs. Ruhenkamp’s little children get my letter? I hope so.

Yes, I read all their letters. So they want to know some of my secrets, huh? Will they promise not to tell? Pinky promise? Ho ho ho! Of course I will answer them, Jamie. You know I love little boys and girls. They are so wonderful and curious. They want to know everything!

I’ll let them in on a little secret that even Mrs. Santa and my elves don’t know. My favorite color is GREEN! Ho ho ho!

Just kidding. It is red. Shall I copy you when I write to them, like last time?

Now you keep being good, Joe. Especially about Christmas Eve time. I’ll be checking. Ho ho ho!


senior scribes
senior scribes
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