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Annual Eagles Kids Christmas
Greenville Eagles treats kids to Santa visit
By Bob Robinson

“Are you here to see Santa?”

Vigorous nod.

“Were you good?”

Sometimes the nodding continued. Sometimes there was a hesitant nod. Sometimes a parent popped up… “That could be debated…”

One child said “No.” Mom agreed.

“Do you think Santa is going to visit you since you weren’t good?”


“What’s he going to leave you? A lump of coal?”


Dad said, “We’ll see.” He grinned when he said it.

Some kids loved to have their pictures taken. Some children took poses they had to have seen on television cosmetic commercials. Some kids were bashful…

One child hid behind Mom until she was coaxed out… “This is Santa’s helper,” Mom said. “You’d better let him take your picture.”

The child kept Mom’s legs between her and the lens for another minute, then peeked out long enough for the camera to do its work.

More than 100 children were treated to a visit from Santa and an early Christmas present Sunday at Greenville Eagles 2177. The Lodge holds an annual Kids Christmas Party each year for the children and grandchildren of its more than 1000 members.

Ranging in age from babies to age 12, the children visited with Santa Claus, received a gift picked out especially for them and a small bag of Christmas candy. Food was served from the Eagles kitchen.

As always, response to Santa was mixed, ranging from wanting to hug on him to refusing to come near him when it came time to give him their Christmas list. Most kids cooperated, however. Santa noted their Wish List to take back to the North Pole with him.

One child talked incessantly about what she was going to tell Santa when it was her turn… then when it was time… “Uh uh.”

Daddy explained… she saw him the night before in Indiana and he might have scared her. Besides, what was he doing in all these places one right after another?

Santa’s magic… he can be anywhere and everywhere at once!

She was delighted with her toy, however, and as other children did, played with it until it was finally time to go home.

Greenville Eagles is a community service oriented Fraternal Organization. The Lodge provides donations to many community organizations and sponsors the Greenville Independence Day fireworks celebration each year at its Shade Road facility. Membership applications are available in the Downtown Social Room on East Third Street.

Breakfast and lunch is served six days a week and is open to the public, as are many of its monthly dances and events.


Greenville Eagles Christmas Kids, Photo Set 1
Photos by Bob Robinson

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Greenville Eagles Christmas Kids, Photo Set 2
Photos by Bob Robinson

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Kids Give Santa their "Wish List" for Christmas
Photos by Bob Robinson

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