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First Graders “Working Hard” on their letters
Want Santa to answer your letter? He said would love to!
By Bob Robinson
With a poem by Lois Wilson

County News Online’s Letters to Santa (and More) seems to be a hit. We’ve had lots of reader interest in a heart-warming story by Senior Scribe Phyllis Mong, the Eagles Kids Christmas Party and a surprise submission to me… a Letter to Santa from a GHS Senior, Michelle Chen. On Sunday we posted our first letter from a young lady named Lexi.

At Woodland Heights, the classes of two teachers – Mrs. Ruhenkamp and Mrs. Black – have been hard at work on their letters… I’ve been privileged to take some of their pictures as they worked.

I missed out on Mrs. Black’s letter-writing, but was able to take a couple photos of some of her students making Christmas Tree decorations. They are the old-fashioned home-made decorations that Sharon Hopper will be writing about later this week in her column, When Children were Children.

Several other teachers have indicated their classes will be working on letters as well.

I was asked recently if a letter was written to Santa, would he answer it? Without thinking I said, “Sure.” Then I got nervous. Would he? I may be his helper but I’m only one of dozens in Darke County and probably a gazillion around the world.

He’s a busy guy and in the past I’ve always sent the letters through the Post Office. Not enough time for a response with his schedule. I figured I’d give it a try, though… for the kids…

“Hey Santa,” I wrote in an email…

“Remember me? This is Bob Robinson... I was the editor at The Advocate a few years ago. You used to call me every year asking me to make sure the kids sent you their letters.

“I have a favor to ask. Someone asked me if you will answer the kids’ letters. I said ‘sure,’ but I figured I’d better ask you. I know you’re busy, but…


Thanks, Santa
Bob Robinson
Helper No 31278664

This is what he replied…

Santa Claus
7:00 PM (0 minutes ago)

to me
Ho Ho Ho!!! Hello, Ronald. Yes, I remember you. You always gave me a hard time, too. You were a cranky old editor... almost got a lump of coal one year. So you're a Santa's Helper now. You be nice to those little children!!

You know I'm very busy right now. Getting ready for my trip around the world in a few weeks. But let me know. If the little boys and girls want me to write to them I will do my best.

Ho Ho Ho... and a Merry Christmas to everyone, even cranky old editors!!

Santa never could get my name right. That was a quick response, though.

I’ve seen a few of the letters from Mrs. Ruhenkamp’s class. What she was teaching, I thought was a wonderful thing. Why did they deserve the toys they were asking for? Were they good? Would they share?

It brought to mind a poem that Senior Scribe Poet Laureate Lois Wilson sent recently for the Christmas season…

By Lois Wilson
The curious lad saw
Many bright colored lights,
And the beautiful sights
Filled his young eyes with awe.
“Mom, when did Christmas come?”
“It hasn’t yet, my son.
You may see yuletide trees,
Exciting toys that please,
Choose your favorite one—
But Christmas has not come.”
“Mom, when will Christmas come?”
“Son, there’s a child who’s poor.
You sense his needs and more—
You give him your prized toy;
Then you are blessed with joy,
Your Christmas will have come.”
                Lois E. Wilson
                2010 Lois E. Wilson

I doubt I could have said it any better.

Merry Christmas.


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