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Darke County Senior Scribe
The Angel Smiled
By Lois Wilson

Three thoughts on Christmas by Darke County Senior Scribes Poet Laureate Lois Wilson.

In this year’s Christmas play
While sitting in a sleigh,
The children sang a song
That went a wee bit wrong.
Its planned end was, “Ho! Ho!”
But Stevie stole the show
Ad-libbing, ”Ho! Ho! Ho!
Ho! Ho!   Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!”
He explained, his eyes aglow,
“I was singing a solo!”
                Lois E. Wilson
                2010 Lois E. Wilson

Needed one reindeer
To work only nights.
Help pull sleigh of cheer
To the children’s sites.
Warm stall for the stay,
Eat premium hay.
Must not have a fear
Of flying or heights.
You can apply here
For my future flights.
           Lois E. Wilson
           2011 Lois E. Wilson
The small girl dressed her baby doll;
Her brother built a castle wall.
They played beside the Christmas tree
Each enjoying their newest toy.
The sister stopped and looked up high
To the treetop and gave a cry,
“The angel just smiled, could you see?”
The brother scoffed—tried to annoy.
The girl knew he was being mean
And pointed to their manger scene,
“The angel didn’t smile at me.
She smiled at Jesus, Mary’s boy.”

                  Lois E. Wilson
                  2010 Lois E. Wilson

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