Tri-Village second graders gather around the Christmas tree to wish Santa a Merry Christmas and safe travels.
Read their letters, along with those of others, at County News Online
Letters to Santa on County News Online

DARKE COUNTY – iPods and iPads topped the list for first and second grade requests from Santa, with the various versions of Xbox a close second, then Monster High toys.

Beyond that, however, children around the county showed concern for the less fortunate or family members.

A young boy offers to pay Santa $7.61 if he will bring food, and socks for his mom. A student wanted a notebook for his Mom to help her memory; a girl wants a heating pad for her mom who had just had surgery.

Many students wanted Santa to bring “stuff that can help” for cancer patients and money to help the poor. Another student asked Santa to bring good families to those who don’t have them.

Then there are those who decide December is a good time to start being good and helping out at home. One student asked Santa to forgive him because he’s been a little of both… good and bad.

“If I am on the noty list I would feel sad,” said another student.

That’s just the beginning. Read nearly 175 letters from Tri-Village, Ansonia and Woodland first and second graders, plus a special note from a young boy in Bradford.

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