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This Christmas Vacation… I’m Bored!

The kids are out of school. Christmas vacation has just started. The excitement reaches its peak. Santa’s coming. Santa’s coming!! But it’s only Tuesday. “Mommy, when will Santa be here?” Friday, buddy! “Is that tomorrow?” No, buddy. Four more days… “But Mommy! I’m bored!”

One of the things that might help out a little is having them play some games at They can visit Santa’s Workshop, the Reindeer Barn and much more. They can even watch Santa dance! Then… on Christmas Eve they can track Santa as he makes his trip around the world, delivering toys to the good little boys and girls.

The day (Friday) arrives. Christmas morning. If you’re lucky they won’t wake you before five or six. Excitement. Presents. Toys. Family events. Christmas dinner. Playing with the toys… then… I’m bored!

And you have (count them) eight more days before school starts again.

So how about a little education? Fun education… they probably won’t even know it’s educational. Go to your search engine (Yahoo, Google, whatever) and type in “Free Children’s Games.”

This is the one we found from Power My Learning

Check it out… or start your search and get your child logged into a free site… you just might be saving your sanity until your kids go back to school.

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