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My fondest memory
By Heather Brooks
Edison State Community College Student

Editor Note: Students in an Edison Comp II class were asked to share their fondest memories as part of a weekly writing exercise. This one was especially appropriate as it took a look at human nature, especially at this time of the year. Here is Heather’s submission…

When I was five my aunt and uncle got a divorce, he left her right around the holidays and our family was kind of in an uproar. Growing up it was just my mom and me, so when my uncle left my aunt my mom and aunt made a decision that we would move in with my aunt and three cousins. The transition was rough on everyone because my mom had just lost her job so my aunt was supporting all six of us.

About a week before Christmas I remember my mom and aunt sitting all of us kids down and explaining to us that Santa was really busy that year and he may not make it on Christmas Eve but he would make it eventually. They were struggling just to keep food on the table and pay the bills; this was no secret so we were bummed when we found out Santa also could not make it.

My mom and aunt took us to church every Wednesday and Sunday; all us kids participated in everything the church put on and our parents always made sure we had "Sunday Bests" to wear. Three days before Christmas there was a knock on the door. It was our Pastor; the church had used the last weeks gathering plate offerings and sponsored our family for Christmas.

They bought us enough food to last for weeks, including all the trimmings for a great Christmas dinner. They bought all us kids coloring books and crayons that our parents gave us on Christmas Eve; we were so excited. On Christmas morning we woke up to toys under the tree and our stockings filled; we thought it was a Christmas miracle.

Looking back as an adult, I know that our church provided Christmas for us that year but we did not know that as kids. To this day that day is forever a fond holiday memory. I take my girls every year to buy presents for kids less fortunate and we volunteer through our church to help our community. My fondest memory is also my most humbling. Whenever I feel myself going overboard on gifts and things that do not really matter on the holidays, I take myself back to that Christmas and remember how happy I was with so little.

senior scribes
senior scribes

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