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Free Range Chicken Capitol
From Lyn Bliss  
August 12, 2011 

This was posted on Facebook by a friend of mine (the Recorder in Geauga County). Her comment was... 

“Folks... Geauga County is a unique place to live... things happen here that you would not believe... but this Burton Village post is a must read. We haven’t had this much controversy since the “flap over pancakes” on the water tower.” 

I would love to hear about the “flap over pancakes” on the water tower!!!! 

Here’s what I sent back to her about the chickens... 

“I have tears running down my cheeks... am dying to read the story about pancakes on the water tower. Can’t believe that no one brought up how Charleston, SC has chickens that they actually transport into the city in the morning so they can run around until it is time to go back to the farm! Pure tourist attraction! Think of the lost revenue in not promoting Burton as the “Free Range Chicken Capitol of Ohio.” 


Here is the chicken link


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