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Two feet of snow
By Phyllis Mong, Senior Scribe

I plan ahead for the incoming weather. Try to get a few grocery supplies in the house, even some potato chips, cookies, ice-cream _  you know, the comfort food that adds calories (which I don't need). But, so comforting!

Just in case the power goes off and the stove and microwave are powerless, the night before the storm advisory, I fill two large thermos bottles with very hot water that I may use for instant coffee, instant soup, hot chocolate, tea or whatever else is instant. Also, I have collected several push lights that use batteries. I always have lots of batteries.  A battery radio tuned to the local station. Lots of warm blankets, water, positive thoughts that the power will soon come on!

So, I really don't mind! I have good neighbors. Although, when the power goes off, I don't have a land-line phone. That's the only thing I don't like. I don't have a cell phone _ guess I'm still from the old days. I have advanced to a computer.

I try to think positively and hope the DP&L bill will be much lower when it warms up. _    Oh! Forgot! When it snows I don't shovel the snow, I push it. I need the exercise, so I like to get outside.

So, that's the way I cope with these winter days. For now I'll stay in and count my blessings!

Oh yeah… the picture. I've been told to expect two feet of snow... Hey! Don't yell at me… I don't make this stuff up. I just share it.

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