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Apple Pie: It is said that nothing is more American as Apple Pie. Where did the phrase start? Perhaps it started in our New England Colonies. There apples are found at any meal.

Yes, apple pie with a slice of cheese is so good, of course, for breakfast. All kinds of pies were made with tarts or fritters. Check this saying out. “An apple pie without the cheese is a kiss without the squeeze”

Cheeseburger: Believe it or not, but the cheeseburger is the quite essential American food. It is rapid food, a meal on a bun tastes champion with Monterey Jack, Swiss, cheddar or American. True it possesses a high fat content, it still remains a favorite at McDonald’s where billions have been sold.

The Gas Station: The first gas station opened in Pittsburg, Pa. in 1913. At first only 30 gallons were sold that day, but it caught on quickly. Motorists could get gas, an oil check and a cold soda. Popularity caught on Pronto!

Irving Berlin: No one is more American in music than Mr. Berlin. He came to America from Siberia in 1893. He made money singing for pennies in the streets and the saloons. Do you remember the popular “Alexander’s Ragtime Band”? Apparently he made history with his musicals. Remember “Annie Get Your Gun”? All about Annie Oakley. His songs expressed the American Spirit. “God Bless America” sung often by Kate Smith. Irving received the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his plethora music contributions.

Sergeant Alvin Cullum York: One of the greatest heroes of World 1 was Sergeant York. He tried to avoid the war because of his religious belief. York was raised in the hill country of Tennessee. He was considered the best shot around. He possessed sharpshooter skills even though he was known as having a reputation for drinking and for carousing. Yet York’s sharpshooting skills became a “strike with wonder” indeed. Film great Gary Cooper portrayed the role of the WWI hero, a true American.

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