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Happy Birthday, Doc!!

By Bob Robinson
From the Senior Scribes of Darke County

Well… he’s still alive and kicking, and he assured me that his water-logged ears have been drained by now.

He hasn’t said much about his experience yet, but maybe one of these days he’ll take a few minutes to write about it. So who am I talking about?

Delbert Blickenstaff, M.D. Retired. The Family Healthcare icon turned 90 years old on July 3. The next day he headed off to Kentucky (or was it Tennessee?) to go White Water Rafting.

I, along with other Senior Scribes, received an invitation to his 90th birthday party at the Chestnut Village Center on July 3. Despite a brutal schedule with the Eagles Independence Day celebration, I knew I couldn’t miss it… didn’t want to, but I also knew what would happen if I didn’t show:

“The invitations have been sent out,” he said. “I’ll know who my friends are by who shows up.”

I’m a friend, Doc. A good one. I can’t say that about many. You can take it to the bank (whether you like it or not).

I only have one remaining question. What will you be planning for your 100th birthday? White Water Rafting is a tough one to top!

Happy Birthday, Delbert. You are a gentleman and a scholar.


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