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Senior Scribes meet at Heartland

Senior Scribes enjoyed a great breakfast courtesy of Heartland of Greenville and its admissions director, Amy Farmer, Thursday morning.

Farmer told the group she’d completed, so far, 22 hours of education in Medicare at the state level, with more coming, and offered her services as an advisor to the group, plus any other senior citizens in need of advice on the program.

Bob Robinson told the group that his experience with Medicare convinced him that any new person entering the program needs the advice of someone who knows how to navigate the system.

For instance, he said he hadn’t been aware – and no one told him – that there is a penalty for every month you are eligible for a certain coverage that you don’t participate. The open enrollment period is well publicized, but nothing is said about the increased cost if you miss that enrollment period.

Farmer extended an invitation to future meetings at Heartland, noting that the Senior Scribes provided a needed link to the senior community for those who may need the information she can provide.

Scribes were advised of Darrel Biddlestone’s annual Memorial Scholarship in memory of his business mentor, Fred Wright.

The Scribes were told that anyone wanting to take out a scholarship contribution from an IRA must have the bank send it directly to the Senior Scribes Scholarship Fund treasurer.  It cannot pass through the contributor’s hands.  A spouse may contribute also, each up to $100,000. This would count toward your required distribution and would not be considered income for tax purposes.  However, it may not be included in deductions for charitable giving.

Al Bliss reported that Darke County schools have been contacted regarding scholarship information for Darke County seniors seeking a college degree in a communications related field.

Bill Stevens reported he is working on an auction fundraising project for the Scribes. He said the best date would likely be in April or May and hopes to confirm a time for the group to use the Brick Room at Brethren Retirement Community.

Ryan Berry of the Early Bird complimented the group on its story contributions and noted that the first edition of the Teen Scribes page was published last weekend. He said he was impressed with the quality of writing from the youth.

Robinson thanked the group for moving the meeting date to Thursday. His class schedule had prohibited participation on Tuesdays. He noted that County News Online is growing in readership and he was always looking for news stories from the group and the community. He added that CNO accepts letters to the editor from all readers.


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