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Citizens answer the call… plus a little irreverence
A collection of Poems from
Lois Wilson - Senior Scribe

November 14, 2011 

Editor: With her usual play on words and poetic form, Lois Wilson offers us a collection of four, from patriotic to slightly irreverent… Grateful Allegiance, Mirror! Mirror!, Have a Seat and my favorite, written in 1966, The Committee. Enjoy. 


Throughout our young nation’s past.
And to hold their freedom fast
When they thought that it might fall,
Citizens answered the call.

 At home or over the sea
To guard life and liberty,
Though the strife be big or small,
They responded to the call. 

There are perils still at hand
That threaten our peaceful land.
We can keep it free for all.
God, ready us for our call. 

                         Lois E. Wilson

                         2009 Lois E. Wilson


Upon the closest inspection,
The man he saw was perfection.
   It truly stunned him
   When women shunned him
For he loved his own reflection! 

                         Lois E. Wilson

                         2011 Lois E. Wilson


Whoever invented the first chair
Certainly deserves utmost praise.

With no chairs, all our homes would seem bare;
We use chairs in so many ways.

Their shape fits the body’s bends just so;
Their height helps us get up and go.

Rockers, recliners, for each upgrade,
For millions of chairs, people have made—

Thank you! Bravo!  May our cheers resound.
For without the chair, we’d sit on the ground! 

                          Lois E. Wilson

                          2010 Lois E. Wilson


Gave satisfaction
Until a faction
Tried protraction.

All action
Became inaction.
Committee report:

                         Lois E. Wilson     

                         1966 Lois E. Wilson

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