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Poetry by Lois Wilson 
October 24, 2011

Editor: Lois Wilson is one of Darke County’s shining stars in the field of poetry. Local readers have been entertained for years by her short, insightful and often humorous stanzas. She has been a member of the Senior Scribes since its inception as Senior Advocates when I was the editor of the Daily Advocate. County News Online is pleased to offer three brief approaches to our daily living, beginning with an election reminder to our local politicians… 


It’s time for an election—
Time to make our selection.

The candidates we should choose 
Could gain our trust, win or lose,

If they would promise this one plain line:
“I’ll promptly pull every campaign sign!” 

Lois E. Wilson
2008 Lois E. Wilson


Watch me! I’ll show you how it goes.
Now stretch real hard to touch your toes.
   Uh-one, uh-two, uh-three, uh-four. 

That didn’t work, so bend your knees.
Then you can do it with more ease.
   Uh-one, uh-two, uh-three, uh-four. 

Still can’t? Let’s sit down--hands on hips.
Bring your head forward. Do deep dips.
   Uh-one, uh-two, uh-three, uh-four.       

Want some coffee? You’ve earned a cup. ;
What’s the matter? You can’t get up?
You’re just too tired? Your body’s sore?
   Help over here! FOUR ON THE FLOOR! 

Lois E. Wilson
2007 Lois E. Wilson  


Does it irk you at all
When you hear a phone call

Or you check a doorbell
Then find you’re the dumbbell?

For the ring that you heard
Had actually occurred

On a radio or TV spot
You can like it or not—

You’ve been got! 

Lois E. Wilson
2011 Lois E. Wilson

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