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A Message for the Groundhog
By Lois Wilson 

It is Feb. 2 and we’re about to find out if Mr. Groundhog in Punxsutawney is going to see his shadow and return to his burrow - signifying six more weeks of winter - or find a cloudy day and leave his burrow... signifying spring is almost here. County News Online’s ‘Poet Laureate’ Lois Wilson has her own idea about when spring is coming... she shares it with you here: 


That groundhog in Pennsylvania

Always causes such a mania.

The February controversy

Just leaves the weather at his mercy.

I’m sure spring will be early this year;

There’s no six weeks of winter to fear.

I find that rodent one glum fella,

So I sent him my sun umbrella! 

                  Lois E. Wilson

                  2007 Lois E. Wilson

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