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Poems for the Season
By Lois Wilson
January  8, 2012 

The Darke County Senior Scribes’ Premier Poet Lois Wilson has attacked the season in her usual tongue-in-cheek manner, first taking on how we address problems with “At Last,” then leading into the symptoms of “Presidential Fever.” As we all know our president has a lot of problems to address. Our next leader will have 10 options... which one will be followed? Then we get Wilson’s take on New Years Resolutions, followed by the demise of personal input. Enjoy. 


Ten people saw a problem:

   The first created it.

   The second debated it.

   The third ignored it.

   The fourth deplored it.

   The fifth muddied it.

   The sixth studied it.

   The seventh policed it.

   The eighth increased it.

   The ninth shied from it—

        then denied it.

   But the tenth became involved—

        -and solved it. 

            Lois E. Wilson

            1977 Lois E. Wilson


The symptoms have clearly struck some—

Hand-shaking, back-slapping, much photographed.

The rest claim immunity and won’t succumb

Unless they’re caught in a draft!

            Lois E. Wilson

            1963 Lois E. Wilson


 Where do the New Year’s resolutions go?

Those that were so truly made at the time.

No doubt we all would be rolling in dough

If for each broken one, we had a dime. 

            Lois E. Wilson

            2009 Lois E. Wilson


Does it give you indigestion

When a person’s asked a question

And they flippantly reply, “whatever”?

If we all shun making choices,

We are forfeiting our voices;

Personal input could die, forever! 

                  Lois E. Wilson

                  2010 Lois E. Wilson

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