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A Real Woman?
By Mona Lease

Greetings, Gals!! I read the following story a long time ago and was talking about the gist of it to an old girlfriend. See what you think. Keep reaching...keep stretching!

The following is from a time before paved roads, before the telephone, before indoor plumbing and gas/electric cook stoves. It starts with a question:

"Can anyone find an honest woman - one with morals and character?" Her husband can trust her and will lose nothing by marrying her...not his worldly goods...not his honor...his name will not be marred.

She is only good to thought, word, and deed...all of her life. She is a willing and hard worker...not afraid to chip her fingernails.

She gets the best food available so it is pleasing to the eye - pleasing to the taste buds when it is time to eat.

She gets up before the sun to start her day. She sees to everyone's needs. She makes her day profitable. She buys land with her money. With her hands - she makes the land show a profit. She is strong and works hard. She knows what she is worth - what her products are worth.

She makes her own clothes. She makes clothes for everyone in her home. The tapestries and bedclothing are made by her hand. They are of a good quality - to last for years. She is not afraid of cold weather.

Her husband is respected in the city council. She makes fine clothing to sell to the "dealers"...which she delivers...who will sell it to others.

She does not cuss and uses her words to teach others with love and kindness.

She watches over the happenings in her home...and she does not take many rest breaks. Her children respect her and tell her they love her - she is the bestest Mon. Her husband knows her worth and what he has in her. He tells her what she is for him...the best Mother for his children...the best wife to go with him to the "City-Functions"

Her husband says that a lot of women have done really good things but, "his wife" beats them all. He says that "favor" is a deceiving thing and beauty is're always chasing it through the years and the years will win. Her husband says she should get the "thanks" for her work - not his...she has earned it.

I was talking to a girlfriend about this. Some things have always sex. That's how we all got here. But, think about this a minute. In the story - this "real woman" sells clothing to the "dealers" who will resell it. It says she delivers it and she knows what it is worth. I imagine a couple of these "dealers" are men. It says she takes care of her house and it's, I take it she takes care of herself as well. I say she keeps herself looking good...for her husband. Do you suppose she gets a few "catcalls" from the men? Do you think she knows how to diffuse the whole situation with a: "Joe, you're such a tease. What would Thelma Lou say if she heard you do that?" The story starts out saying her husband fully trusts her. Could we have that kind of trust in today's lifestyle??

The story also says that she buys land out of her money and makes it show a profit. It says she uses her hands and strength to achieve this.

And this is the part that drew most of my attention: The story says this woman's children stand up and say (that is they are not afraid to tell anyone) that their Mom is the bestest Mom. How many "one-on-one" hours do figure she invested to make this happen? Do you think she "tanned any hides" to show she wasn't going to stand over them and "redirect" their activity to what they needed to be doing? What would it take to get a child to say: "'re the bestest in the whole world?"

"Sometimes all you need is for someone to just be there, even if they can't solve your problems. Just knowing there is someone who cares can make all the difference." -

The best is yet to be!!      MONA

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