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God’s Gift
By Lois Wilson

Once again Senior Scribe Poet Laureate Lois Wilson is on top of the season with her insightful look at the important events of the day.

It’s the holiday season, with shopping, family, friends and God’s Gift. Enjoy the season and its spirit… and enjoy three unique Lois Wilson creations: Holi-Daze, Just Imagine and God’s Gift.

Wilson's completed set of books has a new edition – now six volumes – of published poetry. Volume 1 is out of print and no longer available, however Volumes 2-6 are available and are offered as a fundraiser for Empowering Darke County Youth. Enjoy great poetry and help a child achieve his or her educational goals. For additional information, contact

Each December one woman would call,
“Christmas is near; let’s go to the mall.”
The two went early; they loved to shop.
Their bargain hunt proceeded nonstop.
One of them declared right after five,
“If I don’t stop, my feet won’t survive.”
The other said, “I’ll bring round my car.”
She searched the parking lot, near and far,
Then came back laughing, cried, “Sakes alive!
I can’t find my car—I didn’t drive!”
          2012 Lois E. Wilson

On Christmas morn
The little boy
Blew his new horn,
Unwrapped each toy.
There was, of course,
A circling train,
A rocking horse
And small airplane.
He bounced a ball,
Yes, tried them all.
His favorite one
Which he found fun,
Better than blocks—
An empty box.
          2012 Lois E. Wilson

God gave to us all
His love on that night.
In a manger small
Lay the wondrous sight.
Awed by Jesus' birth
Under star so bright,
We find peace on earth,
Good will, Holy light.
          2008 Lois E. Wilson

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