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Mind, Body, Soul
An Introduction
By Mona Lease

Greetings Gals!! It probably started sometime in May - 2012. I had contracted what I believe was viral pneumonia. I was sick for a month. I laid on the couch, over a vaporizer, hacking and spitting. The only taste buds that seemed to work were those that registered sweet. I had given up on any food - I could not taste it. I shoved the Ocean Spray juice to the back of the refrigerator and drank water.

After I was no longer sick, I drank some of the juice - still way too sweet. I finished it - I had paid good money for it. I thinned it with water. Why was it so sweet? I read the label. The second ingredient - after the first one being filtered water - was high-fructose corn syrup. If fructose is a "fruit sugar" and corn syrup is a "food syrup" made from the starch of corn - then is high fructose corn syrup really - high sugar sugar?? Whatever way it went - it had to go - and go it did. Then a few interesting things happened.

When I started drinking juices and other drinks that had no high fructose corn syrup - subtle changes in me and my body occurred.  I even cut out sugar and opted for "real cane sugar." Thirst - in general - waned. It only took about half of what I was drinking (high-fructose laden drinks) and my output was good. I no longer had that "something" in the back of my mouth and throat. You know - that sensation or undefinable taste - that no matter how many times you swallow - it just does not leave. Hmm!!

My insurance company demands yearly testing for glucose, cholesterol, body mass index - among other tests. Therefore, I'm aware of labels that say glucose, sugar, fat, salt (sodium), etc. And somewhere along the way I had developed a muffin top...a muffin top! What? How? By accident - I started drinking green tea with spearmint and lemongrass. I was after the spearmint and lemongrass - subtle flavors. I stumbled upon the bottled option. There is a tea bag choice. Slowly the muffin-top morphed into just a "top." All of this made an impression on my mind. There might be hope! I'll never be 18 again - I might not want to be 18...I was pretty nave.

And I think these two - mind and body - being "agreeable" to each other...sort of brought my soul into the mix. Or maybe alignment (balance?) is a better word. I felt a "peace" - if you will. Normal things that used to bother me - no longer bothered me. I look at a person who cuts off another person on the road - narrowly missing the front end of the car and I think: "That was a dumb thing to do. You cause a wreck and you'll really be late." I was in a vehicle as a passenger a while back and we were rear-ended at a red light. Amazingly - I showed little emotion. I had places I wanted to be but, I walked back to the driver who rear-ended us to make sure she was ok. I said we were not mad at her and it would all be ok. Wow!! I did that? Not so awfully long ago, I'd have had "something to say" before I walked back to her.

Somewhere along the way, I cut out caffeine in all forms. I drink decaff coffee and herbal teas. I quit smoking. I refused to pay $2.85 a pack. Yes - some time has passed since then.

Is it possible to bring the mind, body, and soul into alignment? Or to a position where they are "agreeable?" That's the point of this column. I'd actually like to morph this site into a forum where we - as women - share what we know - what we've learned - how we've grown. I'd like this "forum" to be a place, not to groan or complain but, a place to spur each other on to "be all you can be" - as wives - as Mothers - as people. Thanks to my Editors for giving this idea a chance!

Sometimes, all you need is for someone to just be there, even if they can't solve your problems. Just knowing there is someone who cares can make all the difference.

The best is yet to be! MONA

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