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Mind, Body, Soul
An Invitation
By Mona Lease

Greetings, gals!! In my introductory edition of Mind, Body, Soul - I had meant to extend an invitation to the guys out there. Some of this stuff will benefit you - diet, exercise and the like.

As nearly as I can tell - we women get a double-portion of what I call the "mush and gush." Males have the xy chromosomal pattern and we women have the xx chromosomal pattern. Don't be offended guys by what is in these columns. The intent here is for we women to bring our mind, body, soul into some sort of agreement or alignment (harmony??). Take what you can use, guys - leave the rest.

I trust that those of you who have started the exercises (breathing and the back stretch) are noticing a positive difference. Practice, practice gals - it does get easier!

I recently spoke to a couple of gals I know. They said they were very interested in a column such as this. We'll discuss various topics and how we can make and maintain the desired changes within ourselves.

Zen Yoga has an exercise which is very beneficial for memory and relaxation. Give this a try - I find it most interesting. It will show you how busy your mind is with thoughts - those you are actually thinking and those that "show up" to drag you off track.

In a quiet room (good luck with that, huh?) - light a candle. Concentrate on the flame (Remember - deep, slow breathing). Notice how the flame sets on the wick. See how the flame moves? Remember the color of the wick - the color of the bottom of the flame - the color of the top of the flame. Study the flame for a few minutes. Blow out the candle. Close your eyes. You should be able to recall how the candle flame looked - all the above details. Don't get too excited if you can't do this at the outset. Remember - practice. In our world of "busy, busy, busy makes us great" - concentrating on one thing seems to go against the "norm." With this exercise - you need to empty your mind...push all else out and concentrate. A word helps...which is known as a "mantra." There are those who believe the mantra should be given to you by a teacher - especially for you and you body rhythm, etc. I think any word will work. It serves to center your concentration to one thing. This is actually the start of "channeling you body energy" (or xi..."chi") where it needs to be for different situations.

The following is a relaxation exercise. It is called Corpse Pose or Shavasana in Sanskrit. It's tricky to keep your muscles loose and to not let your mind wander.

On a yoga mat or a firm surface (I like a plushy carpeted floor), lie down on your back. Keep your legs relatively straight (don't force them though). Keep you feet 12" apart. Your arms should be a comfortable distance from your body... 6-8". Close your eyes - relax. I find that 20 minutes of this gives me the effect I desire.

Here are a few things to consider:

Silence is better than unnecessary drama. - Buddhist Vision

"In order to change your life, you must first change your thoughts." - Denzel Washington

A negative mind will never give us a positive life. - Buddhist Vision

Never let a bad situation bring out the worst in you. Choose to stay positive and be strong. - Halos and Horns Fun Page

Making a big life change is scary. But, know what's even scarier? Regret. - Halos and Horns Fun Page

As you move forward in life, you may need to change your circle of friends. Not everyone around you is interested in seeing you improve. - That's Life 1

Sometimes all you need is for someone to just be there, even if they can't solve your problems. Just knowing there is someone who cares can make all the difference. -

The best is yet to be!! MONA

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