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A Crux and a Fork
By Mona Lease

Hi, all!! From Wikipedia and concerning Billie Jean King's life - "By 1968, King realized she was interested in women." Being the tennis pro she was - she faced Bobby Riggs in a match (which was dubbed "Battle of the Sexes") at the Astrodome in Houston, Texas. At some point she started advocating "equality of the sexes" - nothing was safe.

Remember how tennis hit a "high" in the early '70s? I used to watch my cousin play tennis against her garage. She had a new Wilson tennis racket (top of the line then...maybe still is), new yellow-green tennis balls, a visor to shade her eyes, new tennis shoes and standing in the street - she whacked the balls against the side of the garage.

People got "on board" and lobbied, wrote letters, and downrightly rioted over how our English language was biased towards the man. Remember how it was "fashionable" to go to "womens' rights" meetings in your neighborhood or somewhere else? Remember how we women - at large - were told that "postman" was no longer correct...that ottoman is geared to males...all because the word "man" was in the name. It should be "ottowoman" could not just say "footstool."

Billie Jean King came out of the closet - with her knees bent as on the court - ready to tell us (women) we've been duped - we have rights. Virginia Slims got "on board" - created a new cigarette just for women...longer and thinner...don't that look like a woman's cigarette?  "You've come a long way, baby" was their new slogan - and with every carton of the new cigarettes you received a "little black book"...just like the man's but with gold-edged pages.

Crux is defined as: "the decisive or most important point at issue."  Fork in the road is defined as: "a deciding moment in life where a major choice of (some) options is required."

Rumor has it that McDonald's has announced that they are making a rainbow-colored box for their fries in honor of lesbians, gays, etc. I've heard no one say anything  - good or bad. Almost with a yawn, I hear a "yeah, whatever" rolling in these peoples' minds.

In the '70s, the following and other material of the same theme, was popular. "The Rules According to Woman" (1)The female always makes the rules. (2)The rules are subject to change at any time without prior notification. (3)No male can possibly know all of the rules. (4)If the female suspects that the male knows all of the rules, she must immediately change some or all of the rules. (5)The female is never wrong. (6)If the female is wrong, it is because of a flagrant misunderstanding, which is the direct result of something the male said or did wrongly. (7)If #6 applies, the male must apologize immediately for the misunderstanding. (8)The female can change her mind at any given point in time. (9)The male must never change his mind without express written consent from the female. (10)The female has every right to be angry or upset at any time. (11)The male must remain calm at all times, unless the female wants him to be angry or upset. (12)The female must, under no circumstances, let the male know whether or not she wants him to be angry or upset. (13)Any attempt to document the rules could result in bodily harm. (14)If the female has PMS, all rules are null and void.  It's at this point that I turned off my laptop and laid my head in my hands. Does this stuff look as bad in print to you as it does to me??

Most men I know say they will never remarry. And many more will never utter the first "I do." Then my mind took a hard 180. After looking at the above "rules" - after watching guys get drug into court for countless "child-support reviews" - after hearing guys question "marriage" (really questioning how a woman will handle it - marriage is only a word, without the action) - I wonder: Because of womens' treatment of the men through the years - all of the headgames in the above "rules" - are we (women as a whole) getting what we've been giving?? Is this the "crux"...and what are we gonna do about it?

Remember the kiddies and our service people. Take good care of the furry and feathered ones out there. Be safe and healthy. See ya next time. Ever Toodles!! MONA

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