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No Regrets
By Mona Lease

Hi, all!! While I've never lied to you readers; I've never bared my soul either. This last week I started having chest pains. After I made it to Upper Valley ER and got settled in an Observation Room; the silence started. Yep - silence in a hospital!! I looked at all of the monitors to which I was hooked. Then I looked back across my life. Yeah - I've made some really dumb decisions. And answered for them. I've said I was sorry to those I've wronged in a timely manner. I really have no regrets. Wishing I had made a few better choices does not count. Life is one long, continuous experience. And the heart (both physically and metaphorically speaking) is an unpredictable and fickle organ. It (they?) can withstand a whole lot more than we think. I've said good-bye to loved ones and cried. Still my heart is beating. I've never gotten to say good-bye to some. And I sobbed. Still my heart is beating.

In the depth of one night at the hospital, an old poem came to me. And I can not find it. The following poem is close. I submit it for your consideration. Think about how many other relationships can be substituted for friends.

A Recipe for Friendship

A pinch of love, a dash of kindness. A shake of sympathy, a teaspoon of laughter.

A cup of memories, a jug of magic. A tablespoon of similarities, a handful of differences.

A sprinkle of smiles, and an ounce of knowledge. A pint of secrets, and a bit of trust.

This is all what makes a friend. You have one with you. Far or near, dead or alive. Your heart will remember, not your brain.

And if ever any doubt, always keep in mind; no matter what happens, with life or death, friendship or fights; I will always, always be your best friend. Forever and ever we will be remembered together. - Linda Claire

I'd like to say this is the best "spring tonic" I know. I'd like to say thanks to you readers for reading this column and thanks to my editors for having my back through the years. Together we make this column what it is - a place of hope and help. And, I'm ok. The best guess is the pain was/is my asthma or inflamed cartilage (aging..grrr).

Remember the kiddies and out service people. Take good care of the furry and feathered ones out there. Be safe and healthy. See ya next time. Ever Toodles!!   MONA

senior scribes
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