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Civility, Respect, Authority…
By Sharon Hopper

Boy have we lost all three of these attributes in this nation. I have watched late night TV and have become so disgusted that I just go to bed when the weather is over. That is about all I watch. Everything else in depressing and/or criminal. (lately the weather has not been so upbeat) Now what I am really trying to say is that we now live in a nation without rules.

I have been around for many years and I have never and I mean never seen so much hatred for our leaders, our president, or our laws. It is pitiful to watch people destroying property, ignoring authority, and being severely disrespectful of our elected officials. I may not approve of everything that our leaders do, but I have been taught to respect what has been put before me and work to make the situation better for all. Not in an unlawful way, or a hateful way, but in a way that can really create a change for all that can be tolerated, at least until a new election. That is why we are a democratic country. Democracy is not meant to please everyone all the time, and every couple years democracy allows us to make changes to what is not working and hopefully find a plan or an equation that can work for the good of our country. Does that mean that we can all be happy with the outcomes? Heck no! There is an old saying that says “ you can please some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.” We have become so spoiled that we think we can get our own way from hollering, lying, and turning facts into chaos, being destructive and hurtful. Imagine…….

You are working day and night to create something you truly believe in and everybody is putting you down and telling everyone you are crazy. The law says you can do this, but everyone else says you cannot. What are you supposed to do? Give up your dream. Change into what everyone else thinks you should be? Think the way your enemies think? Where would we be if we had just let Japan bomb Pearl Harbor and never fought back? (Probably speaking Japanese)

We have a president who by definition carries a certain amount of authority and demands a certain respect from our citizens in the nation. At least that is the way I grew up. No one deserves the “finger” let alone our president and/or other representatives. And the fact that the losing side is paying people to be disruptive, disrespectful, and destructive is appalling. We are not acting like civilized people. We are setting a very poor example to those much younger. We are helping them to think that violence will solve the problems of this world and in the process they are becoming uncivilized and disrespectful to our nation. Where is all this going to lead us? Imagine what could happen if half as much energy went into working with the people we elected. I venture to say that it would lead us to build a better nation? Generations could benefit. The way we are going at this time is totally destructive. Maybe Hillary was right when she said that we are a nation of deplorables. The biggest mistake was that the real deplorables were against the persons now in charge. Her people. Funny how that has worked out.

senior scribes
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