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Kruschev Said...
By Mona Lease

Hi, all!! I've been watching this woman for the last four years. She lives next door to a married man. His wife lives with him. The woman tells her kiddie not to talk or wave to the married man's wife but, it is ok to wave and say hi to the married man. It is ok for the woman to play with the married man. Before I continue - this woman can not be the only woman (or man) to be playing this game - playing with fire, really.

How is it that the married woman gets to take a "hit" from the kiddie who is not allowed to acknowledge her presence? He's roughly 10. I watched another neighbor woman call this same kiddie to her shed and they spoke. Afterwards, the kiddie "ignored" the wife. What are we teaching these kiddies?

Now - you readers aren't stupid. You all know - beyond a shadow of a doubt - that when this kiddie (who was told to ignore the married woman and only wave or say hi to the married man) gets a girl of his own in the future - and that girl cheats on know that this Mother will call that girl everything but a white woman. She'll demand a pound of flesh and blood, too for the crime. See how the ":rule" or "standard" gets slid here? This woman would not want another woman to play with her husband or be ignored by a kiddie (she is single). It's ok to slide the rule out of the way for this little "tryst" - she wants to fool with the married man. What are we teaching the kiddies?

With all of this in mind - how can anyone say that Bush ruined this country? How can anyone say that Clinton ruined this country? Or Obama? Or Trump? If we play with the kiddies' heads in this manner and they go out to vote...they're just voting their conscience...aren't they? Which very well may be no conscience. What are we teaching these kiddies?

How can we blame our troubles and woes on the school? Somehow the school's hands were tied. You can't teach just one language - our native English. "School" must incorporate Spanish into the curriculum that is used to teach the kiddies to read. Is this a kind of "rolling out the red carpet" to those kiddies who come from a different land....special teachers...special classes...extra time spent to teach them. How long is it before our US born kiddies jump on the "red carpet" of helps, special chances, favors, etc? How many use this as a "legal" way to not work up to their potential? What are we teaching these kiddies?

How can we blame the "church" for our problems? Somehow - the church keeps track of all of your tithes. You can get a "W2" or "1099" or some other numbered form - and get credit for a part of your tithe against what you owe the IRS at the end of the year. Our US Constitution states that the church is unto itself. It is tax-exempt. But - you can use this God as a sort of tax shelter. You tithe...God should be happy. You get a percentage of the tithe returned at the year's are happy. Isn't that using this "God" - upon Whom we call to get us out of our current woes? What are we teaching these kiddies?

Russian President - Nikito Kruschev - said he'd overtake the USA and never fire a shot...or words to this effect. Is the above what gave him the idea that it would be possible to do so? What are we teaching these kiddies?

Most troubling to me is: This God - upon Whom we call to fix our problems - the very name we (as a people) use for our "income tax purposes" why would He help us? Why should He help us? A Pastor told me (and showed me) that this God said that the first tenth of our income was to go to God...a "love" offering of sorts. And this was to be used to feed the poor and feed the Pastor..who was to be on call at 3 am...3 pm...and any time  between the two. Also this God wants you to give willingly or not at all. Nor harping - no games.

Remember the kiddies and our service people. Take good care of the furry and feathered ones out there. Be safe and healthy. See ya next time. Ever Toodles!! MONA

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