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Praise God for Mothers
By Lois Wilson

Once again Senior Scribe Poet Laureate Lois Wilson is on top of the season with her insightful look at the important events of the day.

In this case, she takes a heartfelt look at an important annual event: Mother’s Day. Praise God for mothers, she says.  Then she defines M-I-T… want to know what that is? Read on.

Wilson's completed set has a new edition – now six volumes – of published poetry. Volume 1 is out of print and no longer available, however Volumes 2-6 are available and are offered as a fundraiser for Empowering Darke County Youth. Enjoy great poetry and help a achieve his or her educational goals. For additional information, contact

Praise God for Mothers
With abiding faith and prayer.
Bless their selfless love,
Their sacrifice and tender care.
Bless those who guide and give;
We see their good works everywhere.
          2006 Lois E. Wilson

She watched her daughter still so small
Play and talk to her baby doll.
And said, “You are a M-I-T.”
Years passed; the daughter baby-sat
And did a good job doing that.
She told her, “I see M-I-T.”
Life following its natural plan,
The daughter wed a special man.
Mom reminded, “M-I-T.”
Then a grandchild, handsome and sweet,
Thrilled she claimed, “The circle’s complete!”
“Mom, I thought you were disappointed in me.
I didn’t get my degree from M. I. T.”
She hugged her, “Daughter, I have some explaining.
My M-I-T stood for Mother-In-Training!”
          2013 Lois E. Wilson

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