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Puzzle Pete Says: It Fits to a “T”               
2017 Lois E. Wilson
Complete the 4-letter words ending in “T” by using the clues in the left column. Each answer begins with a different letter of the alphabet. Cross off each letter as it is used. Start with answers you know for certain. Pete hopes it’s not a “T-ease.”
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Scroll down for answers.

Answers: 1.cent, 2.halt, 3.melt, 4.test, 5.West,, 7.aunt, 8.nest, 9.salt, 10.vest, 11.xyst, 12.kilt, 13.brat, 14.omit, 15.rust, 16.yurt, 17.just, 18.east, 19.quit, 20.zoot, 21.unit, 22.punt, 23.loot, 24.dent, 25.Isn’t, 26.flat.

senior scribes

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