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Along Life’s Way
Two Sides/Two Views… Too Often!
2017 Lois E. Wilson
Some after-election political prose from Darke County’s local author…

When a conservative says… I think we should move cautiously.
            Liberals think… He’s dedicated to the status quo.
When a conservative says… I represent the mainstream viewpoint.
            Liberals think… He was elected by those gun-owning, Bible-belt deplorables.
When a conservative says… We should try a small, pilot program to see if the results merit expansion.
            Liberals think… There go all the Federal jobs to help the poor.
When a conservative says… I believe we should hire individuals who are most qualified for the positions.
            Liberals think… He’s a racist and a bigot.
When a conservative says…I use common sense.
            Liberals think… How common can he get? He’s as stupid as everyone else who thinks differently than we do!
When a liberal says… We need a task force to elicit citizen input.
            Conservatives think… Another crony committee to rally those who agree with him.
When a liberal says… It won’t cost much; we can use Federal funds for implementation.
            Conservatives think… He wants a Federal program requiring matching funds which will bankrupt local coffers.
When a liberal says… I believe in the equality of men, but some people need our help.
            Conservatives think… Another program to increase dependency and ensure votes.
When a liberal says… I’m for integration and diversity. How are we to understand those who differ from us if we never have contact with them?
            Conservatives think… Really? We wonder why he lives in the white suburbs and sends his children to private schools.
When a liberal says… I am open-minded.
            Conservatives think… We always knew he had a hole in his head!

senior scribes
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