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Our Modern World "Talk"
By Mona Lease

Hi, all!! I spoke to a woman who had gotten a letter. In it the writer spelled out how she had believed the woman's son-in-law really loved her. She believed he was not married. In the "afterglow" of one of their "trysts"...she questioned him. She found out that he is married...finds out that he has no intention of getting divorced. Nothing like a "woman scorned."

Knowing that playing with a married man is wrong...they rarely leave their wife for you...I'll move to: Bill Cosby (Just to interject some truth here) and all of the women who came out of the woodwork to accuse him of "date-rape" , etc. The very name "Playboy Club" should have implied to the girls that ...this is a place to "play." There are no cars here or sports...with what else would these men play?

And if you're going to Bill's motel room for him to give you "tips" to further your acting's a motel room with a big bed as the focal point. The above author of the letter should have known, too. The son-in-law was from out of town working in her town. Colonel Mustard says: "Get a clue."

The woman that I spoke with that received the letter is older - 78. She does not understand how the woman got her name and address. I only understand the rudiments. I understand how video and sound travel across a telephone wire...and to my laptop. What I do not understand is how I can send a picture to my sister from my laptop and it gets put together on her computer...cell phone (smartphone)...without having an ear where the nose should be placed.

Back to how the woman's name and address were obtained. There are a few for one. You type in a name. Your computer "talks" to another computer somewhere that has the ability to search public records...court records, birth certificates, death certificates, addresses, etc - nationwide!

These sites will even give you a list of possible relatives...and every married name you've ever used. This is how "exes" who have welched out on bills have been found. The investigator types in a name, gets the possibles, phone numbers, and starts calling. This is "shaking the tree." Maybe they will encounter a disgruntled family member and get a "hit."So the scorned woman would have done the above and written a letter.

Our whole world is now"computer-driven." When you go to WalMart and write a check...they hand you back the check...then and there. You write the check and hand it to the cashier...who slides it in the appropriate space. Somehow the register's computer reads the numbers on your check. Whiz, whirr, click...this is #1410. In account #041810, do you have $18.73? Click, whirr, whiz...yes, we have it....we accept the check. Whir, click, whiz...ok...thanks. All of this in the space of 60 seconds or less!

With the computer you can get into land records...who owns what property...what it's value is, etc. There's really not much that's private anymore.

With the old GoogleEarth application downloaded and "ran" (activated) to my laptop...I "walked" down the streets of Belfast, Ireland! Pretty cool! Our technology is so's truly remarkable. I was to the Eiffel Tower...moved the camera in under the tower and looked up through the top of the tower.

It's hard to understand or believe such knowledge exists. A "regular person"...not a policeman or lawyer...can do a background check on a prospective tenant or employee.

Try this. You can get a list of crimes someone has committed at our local Court House....complete with all court appearances, fines, etc.

And this is all done with computers "talking" to each other!!

It reminds me of an old "All In The Family" episode. Edith gets a letter from Social Security telling her that her husband Archie is deceased. They go down to the Social Security Office. The man there says it's bad. Archie is the victim of a slipped digit. Instead of 1843 it was 1842. A Mr. Binker had died...not Archie.

Archie said: "Ain't that something. I'm waiting for someone to tell me I'm alive and Mr. Binker is waiting for someone to tell him he's dead." 

Remember the kiddies and our service people. Take good care of the furry and feathered ones out there. Be safe and healthy. See ya next time. Ever Toodles!! MONA

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