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Puzzle Pete says: It’s the vowels—A , E, I, O, U
  2015 Lois E. Wilson
Use the clues to determine the 3-letter answers. The second letter is given. Each of the 3-letter answers starts with a vowel. Cross off the vowels as they are used to start a word.  The correct solution uses all the vowels. Pete warns, “Don’t cross off ending vowels by mistake.”

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Scroll down for answers.

Answers: 1.Oak, 2.Abs, 3.Ice, 4.Odd, 5.Eel, 6.UFO, 7.Egg, 8.Ohm, 9.Oil, 10.Ojo, 11.Eke, 12.Elm, 13.Amy, 14.Inn, 15.Ion, 16.Apt, 17.IQs, 18.Urn,19.Use, 20.Ute, 21.Auk, 22.Ivy, 23.Ewe, 24.Axe, 25.Aye, 26.Uzi.

senior scribes

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