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Puzzle Pete says, “A to Z…er…er”
2017 Lois E. Wilson
Complete the 6-letter words using the clues in the left column. Each word’s beginning letter is given and all end in the letters “er.” Pete doesn’t mean ER like in a hospital, but at a loss for words “er.” He hopes you aren’t at a loss for words in his puzzle.

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Answers: 1.Answer, 2.Badger, 3.Copper, 4.Danger, 5.Eraser, 6.Filter, 7.Grocer, 8.Hunter, 9.Ironer, 10.Junker, 11.Kicker, 12.Linger, 13.Marker, 14.Number, 15.Oliver, 16.Pepper, 17.Quiver, 18.Rafter, 19.Silver, 20.Tucker, 21.Usurer, 22.Vesper, 23.Wonder, 24.Xavier, 25.Yonder, 26.Zipper.

senior scribes

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