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Puzzle Pete cheers September
2017 Lois E. Wilson
Use the numbered clues to find the 5-letter answers to this word chain puzzle. The last letter of each is the first letter of the next word. Work up and down. The puzzle is started for you. Solve it correctly, then reading down, the first letters of the answers spell out why Pete is cheering.

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Scroll down for answers.

Answers: 1.Faldo, 2.Outgo, 3.Orbit, 4.Thumb, 5.Berra, 6.Avail, 7.Loyal, 8.Links, 9.Sauce, 10.Eliza, 11.Amiss, 12.Spiro, 13.Orlon, 14.Never, 15.Riata, 16.Abash, 17.Habit, 18.Twice, 19.Edema, 20.Alarm, 21.Motif. Phrase: FOOTBALL SEASON: RAH TEAM!

senior scribes

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