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Miami Merger
By Lois E. Wilson
Nearly every February 14th, my husband and I receive a Valentine card from Miami University’s Alumni Association. The cards are always clever, colorful, and promote the university well.
For example, the design of one card was a red sheet of paper with a heart shape cut out of the middle of it. Then they had cut the outside sheet in half horizontally through where the heart was, and did a few strategic cuts to make the letters “M” and “U” for Miami University. The card reads, “When two hearts beat as one and both attended Miami, it’s a Miami Merger.”
The cards always congratulate us for being a “Miami Merger.” My husband received a MBA degree from M.U. in the 60’s; I later completed two degrees there in the late 60’s. We guessed that led someone to jump to the conclusion that we met and fell in love on the Oxford campus.
We questioned, isn’t the term “merger” more appropriate to the world of business than romance? Is Miami promoting itself as an alternative to eHarmony and Match sites? Is its promotion a suggestion that you will find “the one” or your “soul mate” at Miami?
In our case, we both did attend Miami. But our years there were at different times and after we had been married to each other for ten plus years. We had two sons who watched us study as we crossed off each course toward our degrees and eventually graduated.
Our choice to attend Miami was a combination of the majors it offered and the convenience in commuting to it from Eaton, Ohio.
I do look forward to seeing how each year’s card is designed to contain the Miami Merger theme. One of the more recent cards was printed on the magnetic sheet so often used for advertising these days. It now holds photos on the refrigerator.
That Miami Merger card has drawn in family pictures and held them tightly so that they don’t slip or fall. It has attracted like a magnet should; but it didn’t attract our sons or grandchildren to enroll at Miami.
There are the great grandchildren. College is a good place to check out prospective spouses, and students have the common interest of aspiring to further their education. Maybe someday there will be a true Miami Merger in our family. But so far, all we’ve had is the refrigerator’s “Miami Mingle.”

senior scribes
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