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What the Senior Scribes scholarship means to me
By Shelby Schepis

In this day and age, it is very important to go to college and get a good education. It is nearly impossible to find a good job as a young adult without some kind of learned knowledge and/or skills. It is also quite expensive to acquire that knowledge.

I was one of the luckier individuals that got accepted into the PSEOP program at Edison Community College my junior and senior years in high school. Although I earned most of prerequisite credits there, I still have a ways to go in my educational journey.

The Eagles Scholarship is helping me tremendously in the sense that I will not be in as much debt when I get out of school. I have always dreamed about going to college, but never would have imagined that it would cost what it does. This money is going to go towards my tuition in the spring of 2014.

Because I am currently attending Indiana University East and will be attending Ivy Tech Community College in the spring, my tuition is pretty low compared to a big university. I could not imagine the bills that other students are paying without scholarship money. I am attempting to pay my way through school without using Student Loans and this scholarship is helping me tremendously.

In the fall of 2014, I will hopefully be attending Radiology Technician school at Reid Hospital. Even though this was not my original plan, I am very happy with my decision. I believe that I can excel at this profession and enjoy it on an everyday basis.

I am very grateful for receiving this scholarship. Years from now, when I am not paying thousands of dollars on Student Loans, I will be even more grateful for it. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to receive this generous scholarship.

senior scribes
senior scribes

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