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Varsity Cheer – Greenville
Photos by CNO Sports Editor George Starks

Great Darke County Fair
Darke County takes top honors in Cheer Competition

The first day of the fair was a good day for Darke County Cheer teams. Greenville won top honors for Varsity Cheer, Grand Champion and Spirit. Greenville’s Pee Wee Cheer took third place its second year of competition.

Ansonia took Pee Wee Dance and Pee Wee Cheer, while Mississinawa Valley took Junior High Dance and Varsity Dance. Ansonia’s Lexi Shinn to High School Individual, while Tri-Village took Junior High Cheer.

Winning and Placing for each competition are as follows:

Pee Wee Dance: Ansonia Youth, U.C. Stateliners, Arcanum Youth
Pee Wee Cheer: Ansonia Youth, Tri-Village Youth Varsity, Greenville Youth
Junior High Individual – Ellery Reck, Covington
Junior High Dance – Mississinawa Valley, Franklin Monroe
Varsity Dance – Mississinawa Valley, Arcanum, Ansonia
High School Individual – Lexi Shinn, Ansonia
Junior High Cheer – Tri-Village, Covington, Arcanum
Varsity Cheer – Greenville, Tri-Village, Covington

160 Photos of the Competition have been posted at Community Events Photo Gallery; check them out here

Pee Wee Dance – Ansonia Youth
Pee Wee Cheer – Ansonia Youth
Varsity Dance – Mississinawa Valley

High School Individual – Lexi Shinn

Junior High Cheer – Tri-Village
Pee Wee Cheer (third) – Greenville

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