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The Greenville youth cheer team took the stage Friday at the Great Darke County Fair. They proved to
be the toughest interview I ever had in 30 years of journalism. CNO Photo by George Starks
It finally happened
By George Starks

GREENVILLE- One of the tasks I’m faced with every year at the Darke County Fair is the annual cheer competition. It’s always nice to see Velma Campbell and have a few minutes to chat with her.

We all have our favorite things to watch in this competition. Mine is always the dance routines. Every year, I try to get an interview with the school that shines during the day. This year, that never happened as the big winner (MV) left the area before I was able to get to them.

With that being said I will move on to the points of this column. Friday, Bob Robinson asked me to do a feature on the Greenville Pee Wee Cheer team. Of course I was more than happy to do this for him.

After 30 plus years of sports journalism and countless interviews, I never had a problem with talking to the kids in this county. Never did I ever have a problem with kids talking to me. Then came this bunch of 7-10 year olds.

My first thought was, this will be a piece of cake. Right! As I took the group picture, they were a bunch of Chatty Kathy’s. When the voice recorder came on, it was a different story.

The first one I spoke to was nine year old Isabella Gulley. She seemed to be the most talkative. When the voice recorder came on, it was like a deer looking into the headlights. She didn’t know what to say anymore.

After that came 10 year old Sarah Hollopeter. Sarah said she had been doing this for five years but talking wasn’t exactly her cup of tea either. There were a few more after her that I spoke to but I’m sure by now, you’re getting the gist of all this.

With the four or five little ones I did talk to, I had just enough to make a decent spot.
This of course included an emotional coach’s comments. Now please don’t misunderstand me, I think little kids are a riot to be around and I’ve always been about the kids of this county.

I never thought I’d be admitting to this but… I finally met my match. Whipped by a bunch of Little Ones.

Who knows, maybe I’ll tackle them again next year!

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