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Colleen Delery, a 1984 graduate of Mississinawa Valley and a retired Air Force veteran returned home this week to
serve in a different capacity. After serving her country, Tuesday, Delery was prepping and serving food at the
tent in the infield at the annual tractor pulling event. A Singer by birth, Delery was at the Great
Darke County Fair for the first time in 30 years. CNO Photos By George Starks

Delery comes home to help family serve
MV grad serves in a different capacity
By George Starks

GREENVILLE- A 1984 graduate of Mississinawa Valley, Colleen (Singer) Delery served just over 20 years in the United States Air Force in service to her country.

Following in the footsteps of her dad (Marines) and her grandfather (Navy) Delery carried on the tradition of her family in the military.

“Ironically, we all spent time in Okinawa during our time in our respective branches,” said Delery. 

For many years, the Singer Family has provided a hog for the workers at the pulls at the fair with the elder statesman, Carolyn, leading the way.

Now with Carolyn unable to continue, the next generation of the family has taken the reigns and Delery has decided to join them.

Tuesday, Delery returned to the Darke County Fair to help serve in a different capacity.

To serve food to the workers at the annual truck and tractor pulls between sessions.

“This is my first time to the fair for me in 30 years,” said Delery. “I came back here to do this because of family. I’m at a transitioning point in my life now. I’m an empty nester and a full time volunteer (Habitat for Humanity in Florida). I’m a full time mom and grandma and a full time volunteer and now I came home to volunteer to help the family. I enjoy helping others.”

After 30 years of being away, the fair is still the fair and Delery loves it.

“This fair is awesome and I’ve missed it,” admitted Delery. “I’ve been to many different kinds of fairs throughout the world but there’s just something about the Darke County Fair that make it special. You just want to comeback, enjoy the animals and the food”

Even though Delery is enjoying her hometown fair, it’s all about service.

“I enjoy serving,” said Delery. “We all have a special gift in life and mine is to serve others. It can be very hard work but it’s very rewarding also.”

So what the difference in serving the country and serving the family?

For Delery, it starts somewhere else.

“First and foremost, I serve the Lord,” said Delery. “That’s where it all begins and ends every day. I spent a huge part of my life in service to my country but you family, is different. They are always a part of your life. These people out here that are working are a part of my family.

“The Lord has shown me what it means to have and not have,” Delrey continued. “He has shown me what it means to serve others and if we all served in one way or another, we would be so selfish because there would be no place for it and we wouldn’t have time for it. God has been with me every step of the way in my life and it’s because of him that I’m doing this today.”

Coming back to the fair after 30 years, Delery was allowed to get back to her roots but one thing is for certain.

“You can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl.”

Oh how true!

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