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The Tri-Village Youth Cheer team took top honors for first year advisor Mattie (Burns) Brewer
Friday at the Great Darke County Fair. CNO Photos by George Starks
Patriot Nation rules in annual cheer competition
By George Starks

GREENVILLE- The Great Darke County Fair got underway Friday with the annual cheer competition and a familiar name was seen at the top of many divisions.


Of the 10 categories being contested, including the spirit award and grand champion, the Patriots took top honors in six of the 10 with the first and biggest coming in the Pee Wee Cheer Division.

While many saw it as a surprise, it was first year advisor Mattie Brewer that may have been the most surprised. Like a proud mother of her children, Brewer was pleased as punch.

“This was incredible,” said Brewer. “I couldn’t believe it. When I was asked to help, it was Darlene Ary that was wanting me and I couldn’t say no to her.”

It took a lot of time and effort for this group to rise to the top.

“These kids worked hard all summer,” said Brewer. “They practiced three days a week and even though they are young, they are dedicated. They love what they do and I couldn’t be more proud of them. I told them before they announced the winners that they went out there and they rocked it. I hope this means we’re dedicated enough to keep this going next year. They have a good work ethic and the girls helped me to push them to the fullest and it all paid off.”

While Brewer was happy with the performance of her kids, she was more pleased with Tri-Village as a whole.

Not only did the Patriots win at her level, they took first in Jr. High Cheer, Jr. High Individual (Chloe Godown), Varsity Dance, the Spirit Award and overall Grand Champion.

“They are amazing,” said Brewer. “This school excels in sports and in cheer. These girls eat, sleep and breathe cheerleading. They go all out and the coaches are fully invested in the program and it shows. It shows in all the competitions they go to and when they don’t place at the top, they’re fired up to turn around and work harder to do better at the next competition.”

For longtime coach Darlene (Ary) Bourne, she was speechless about it all.

“I have no words,” said Bourne. “I usually have a lot to say but I really do think Darke County has the best talent and from the youth to high school, everything was just on. I love our youth program and what Mattie did today. It was just incredible. The youth program really sets the foundation of what we build. Our superintendent is really big on setting a tradition and building on it. We start with our youth and build them up. We have traditions and we live up to that.”

“We came here to let everyone know what Patriot Nation is,” Bourne added. “We showed up and we did it. We get plenty of support and it’s our fans that make us what we are.”

The UC Stateliners won the pee wee dance while Ansonia won the junior high dance category. Hope Byrum (Greenville) won the high school individual cheer as Greenville took top honors in varsity cheer.

Tri-Village reigned supreme in nearly every division including being named the
Grand Champions in the 27th annual event.

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