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Yes I'm offended
Don't disrespect my country
By George Starks

I don't know how many of my readers feel and I really don't care. As many people in this country, I have not watched NFL games this year.

Yes, I've boycotted a sport that I love because of a group of educated idiots that won't show the proper respect to my country.

If you kneel during the playing of the National Anthem, you have done more damage and shown a ton of disrespect to my flag, country, myself and more importantly, every veteran that served and died in war, defending this country and my flag.

How Dare You!

Too many lives have been lost over the years so people in all sports can disrespect my country and my flag.

Recently, President Trump said these people should be fired for their actions. I totally agree with this.

People like Colin Kappernick that has been educated in this country and are now multi- millionaires, paid to throw a football no less, are disrespecting the very country that educated them and has made them famous to play a kid’s game.

To make matters worse, it's trickled down to the high school level. I watched some kids from a Cincinnati school at a local football game a year ago take a knee.

What they didn't realize was they were in redneck country and the local farm boys, kids that are being taught to show respect to our flag and country, took offense to this.

Yes, I'm offended.

I gave 10 years of my life, serving in two different branches to be given this! My grandfather (WW 2), my uncle (Korea) and a cousin (Vietnam), two of which are now long dead, served my country proudly.

I'll give my beloved Bengals credit though. They all locked arms and stood up for this country. Not one of them kneeled.

Wake up America!!!!!!!

Hasn't the NFL realized that ratings and attendance are down? Hey Roger Goodell!  Are you paying attention to this?

It's time we take back our country and make America the nation it once was and we can start by not supporting the NFL and the networks that televise the games.

NASCAR owner, Richard Childress, said if anyone in his NASCAR family kneels, they had better catch a greyhound bus and get out.

Congrats Mr. Childress!

This is exactly how I feel!

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