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The value of writing
by Elizabeth Horner

Thank you to the Early Bird Newspaper and County News Online for welcoming the Teen Scribes of Darke County and giving us a forum for our voices to be heard.  Teen Scribes wants to welcome students who want to try their hands in creative writing and journalism.

Teen Scribes hopes that as a group, we can promote writing as a form of self expression, to become more familiar with our own thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams.  We will work to cultivate among us creativity, persuasive and effective communication skills, and allow our inquiring and curious minds to ask questions about our world and those things in our immediate surroundings that catch our attention.  We want to encourage, support, and learn from each other.  Together we will take our journey in this creative writing world to bring life into words worthy of articulation.

This is not going to be just work, work, work… we will learn and build our skills while having a great time.  Games and fun activities are part of it all.  We will welcome teachers, parents, and observers in many of our activities.

In my personal journey, creative writing has so far helped me test well for P-ACT, P-SAT, and OGT as well as in my school academic performance and I know it will also help me tackle the college curriculum better.  Creative writing promotes organized thinking, effective communication of thoughts. I also see creative writing as an exercise that awakens and sharpens my senses, captures my fears, allows self-reflection to persuade changes within me, encourages me to be a learner and an investigator rather than a person quick to judge.

And so, I invite parents and teachers to get their kids/students to try their hands in creative writing and participate in Teen Scribes.  I particularly encourage junior high students to prepare them for the challenges of senior high school.  I welcome your questions. For details on how to join Teen Scribes and be a part of its creative writing mentoring program, please send me an e-mail at

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