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By Leslie Logan, Grade 8
As calm as a lady bug, as quiet as the snow drops, it is the serenity of how I feel. I bend down to re-tie the laces on my Chuck Taylor’s shoes when my cell phone rings.
“Austyn, oh my God, you have to hurry!!!”. My twin sister Catalina is hysteric on the other end.  “Cat, where are you!? What’s wrong??!  “It’s Jake! He got hit by a car at papw’s, go to Fifth Street Medical Center, he is in the ER”.
Before I can even say another word, the phone clicks.  My sister is not there to supply me more information. My heartbeat speeds up, thinking of my brother in the ER.
My brain struggles to function.  I am muttering.  Take hoodie, put it on, pick-up keys, put it in the ignition, drive.  Drive, drive, drive!
I finally arrive.  As I run in to the ER, frantic, I see Catalina smiling down the hall --- with my parents!  Puzzled, I hear, “Austyn! Jake is fine. Just a broken leg.”
Relief floods my chest and I hug my sister. She had me terribly worried! Ah, girls will be girls….

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