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Animal Cops
By Sammy Lobenstein
Teen Scribe

Animal cops respond to calls about alleged abuse and neglect of animals. They help enforce the laws that protect animals from being treated as objects of torture and cruelty or neglect.  Sometimes agents go undercover to bust illegal activities such as dog fighting. There are also illegal drugs and illegal gambling usually where they have dog fights.
Hoarding animals is another problem the animal cops tackle.  Owners may love their pets but have too many to support and care properly. The animals are left in horrible conditions: They are usually not properly fed, sometimes dehydrated and living among their own feces, or maybe they are ill with deadly disease. Sometimes, pet owners get emotional when their pets get taken away even if it is to give the animals the proper care.  Imagine a dog with raw skin, fleas and ticks literally eating the poor animal alive!
Sometimes people move and abandon their animals, like we have seen in many foreclosed homes.  These animals are lucky when the animal cops go into the house and take them away in time to save their lives.  The animals might not have access to food or water, especially if they have been locked in the house.
I think people should think before getting a pet.  They are living things that need food, water, and care.  It is not right to let them suffer and you can be fined and/or arrested for animal cruelty.

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