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A Chapter in My Life – Part 2
By Elizabeth Horner 
August  21, 2011 

The Great Darke County Fair is here and while it brings back many fond memories, it is a reminder that the start of my last school year at Greenville Senior High School is about to begin.  No doubt, the year 2011-2012 will take pretty good space in my journal ending this one chapter of my life as I venture into the next. 

There is something I am pretty sure will carry forward through many years to come.  I have grown into this person that feels words in her heart and soul and who truly enjoys writing.  I am very pleased that my recent article, “A Chapter in My Life” generated feedback from people across the country and on the urging of “Uncle Bob” and because of some feedback I received, I’m writing a “Part 2”.  It is more like a postscript to the original article.  .

One of the e-mails I received from Arlington, VA in response to “Part 1” reads, “I’ve not read Harry Potter, thinking it was best reserved for my grandchildren and because I had narrowed my reading material to what I thought mattered most at this stage in my life -- retirement.  But your article seemed to nudge, no kick me on my side, saying, “Hey, try Harry may yet discover new may yet be inspired to take up another adventure....” 

It is not always that I get a similar response.  Sometimes I encounter adults that think, “There’s another kid just gushing with adulation over Harry Potter,” and not consider that it might actually be a great literary piece as well as a good teaching tool for young people about real lives. My friends and I have grown up beside his adventures and I have to believe that it helped shape us.  Even now, re-reading the already well-worn pages, I always find something new that sparks my reflection.  Indeed, the series get better and better the more I read it. 

I think that the Harry Potter is one of several books that are good tools for grandparents, parents, aunts/uncles to connect with the younger generation.  A couple of years ago, I managed to soften my dad’s stubborn refusal to give it a try and he initially agreed to listen to me read a couple of chapters.  I am glad to tell you that he has read the entire series and today, Dad and I get into a number of thoughtful and lively discussions about current issues and would sometimes make his point by quoting something from Harry Potter. 

Reflecting on the above brings up a larger issue.  In my mind modern technology can further widen the gap or promote increased communication between generations, depending on how we apply it.  These days, too much texting messages instead of talking to one another takes place and it’s not just between two kids but between parents and their kids --- and I wonder, like one e-mail I received, are we youth in “diaspora”? 

Editor’s note: Just in case, “diaspora” generally means “the movement, migration, or scattering of people.” If you would like more detail, feel free to look it up.

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