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Tea Regime
By Sam Armstrong
Teen Scribe

Editor’s Note: In submitting this, Sam said: “I recently wrote this piece comparing making a cup of tea to brutal war tactics. I couldn’t think of two more opposite things to compare, but in the end I guess I found a lot of similarities to their processes! Hope you enjoy it. Oh, and I used a fictional name for a general in my piece. It is not a subtly political move to speak out against any current warfare.” He added that while he submitted it as part of a final portfolio for Creative Writing (he’s a student at Ball State University), it was an impromptu idea that he had been “chewing on” a little bit.

General Gunter,

We have watched you staring at your maps for days. You’ve planned out battle strategies and made bold treks across our peppermint mountains to claim our territory, asserting your strength even as the lights in your own bunker begin to wane flicker. We watched in horror as you quietly made your cup of tea, carefully selecting which flavor would most adequately diminish the personality of the placid water in your cup. So you dropped the crushing tea bag into the clear water, infusing your own dark regime into the liquid, asserting a new taste, which instantly began to dominate the water around it. We watched as the tea leaves stretched out their gaseous tentacles, killing all memory of the innocent water that was slowly but steadily choked up in the depths of the murky waters in your cup. And once that water was completely eradicated, our worst fears came true as we saw you serve that tea to your future generations, imploring them to see the genius and mastermind behind your carefully-planned blend of tea leaves. And they swallowed up that regime like so many confused visionaries, steeping your morals and your flavors with their own ideologies. Thus your cup of tea will live on even after all of the lights in your bunker finally fizzle out, after the very last drop of your tea has marched down the rebellious throat of the very last protestor, because the memory of our peaceful water will be erased, and all to satisfy your cravings, your own selfish needs and commands. I wonder, General: will the caffeine allow you to sleep at night, knowing the destruction you’ve stirred up in your countless cups of “peaceful” Chamomile? How much longer will this tea regime continue to cloud our water and muddy our cups? How much longer will you allow this tea to steep?

- X

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