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Given Unto Us

By Christy Riley, Teen Scribe

1 for such a time as this
    let us all reminisce the very night
        heaven came down to earth
        and history was forever changed, . . . . .

2 let us all never forget
    the very moment when the son of God
        came to earth as a baby
        changing all of history forever, . . . . .

3 so do not let a moment go by
    when you and I do not
    celebrate and worship and praise
        God in heaven
        for the greatest gift
            given in all of history
            in all of history given unto us.

4 Oh unto us a child has been given
    born unto all of creation
        Christ Jesus the newborn child
        born of the virgin Mary
    may we all rejoice
    as we praise the LORD
        the true giver of all hope
        the greatest gift
    born now to you and i
    this very day for one and all.

5 so now as we celebrate the lingering days
    of this very HOLY-EE-DAYS SEASON OF JOY
        so then do not wish
        for more presents
            nor write
                nor even plead
    for something more than
    when all you really need
        was already given unto us
        in the fullness of
            grace innumerably given
            in the fullness of love
                so in fathomable,
                so incomprehensibly,

6 do not let this time
    pass on by and by
        when not one hyphenated
        word is uttered aloud
            may we give-thanks
                for the love we share
                and love we give
        as by one we come to worship
            Christ, the Lord Jesus
                given unto us
                greatest gift ever given.   Selah

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