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Key Club - By Abby Kindley, Teen Scribe

High school is said to hold the key to opportunity. As I entered my first year in high school, I discovered that statement can be true in more ways than one. I found this out when I joined Greenville High School’s Key Club.

Ever since the first Key Club started at Sacramento High School in Sacramento, California there have been wide outpourings of students signing up to join and do volunteer work in their community. Since its start, Key Club has been synonymous with selflessness, sacrifice, service, and most notably, leadership. It invokes in students a sense of duty, value and pride in their community. By serving their community and helping those unable to help themselves, Key Club helps to promote organization and responsibility in not only the students, but also in those who are helped.

Needless to say, this was an organization that I wanted to be a part of. Having attended a small, private school until I entered high school, there was never much of an opportunity to interact and bond with other students while, at the same time, making Greenville a better place. It was such a refreshing change of pace to attend my first Key Club meeting and see how many students were eager and willing to serve and assist others.

Even more of a surprise came when I discovered how much fun the service projects can be. While I worked and had fun with my friends, the hours passed by so quickly that I felt as though I had hardly been working for five minutes, let alone a few hours! My only regret about joining Key Club is that I did not do so sooner.

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