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Ender’s Game
A Book Review by Elizabeth Horner

Ender’s Game is the type of sci-fi novel I would normally not pick up if I saw it in a store. Doomsday prophecies, war and bloodshed, not even a whiff of romance seemed like a formula for my displeasure. However, I had read several other books by the same author, Orson Scott Card, and loved every moment of it, so I thought that I would give Ender’s Game a try.  It was a shocker as page by page and chapter by chapter, it cracked my all time top ten favorites! It is truly an engaging read but I will CAUTION against very young readers!

The story is about Earth being terrorized by an alien species called the buggers. In order to prepare for these aliens’ future invasions, the government breeds very young military geniuses in a Battle School.  One of them is Ender Wiggin, a product of some sort of genetic experimentation, who started schooling at age six, and exceeded everyone’s expectations in war games played in zero gravity. The question is no longer, “Do they have someone to lead the military forces into battle?” It is “Is Ender willing to?”

The different characters in this novel are well-developed. The audience comes to understand their motivations so that even the villains seem relatable and human. Ender is especially endearing.  He goes through constant turmoil over right and wrong, duties versus his own emotional needs and developing personal morals--- that sometimes he wishes to fade into obscurity. The story is fast-paced. Card never lets the level of anticipation and suspense drop, though he does sprinkle in bits of humor to keep the book balanced. There are bothersome points to me – the use of slang and printed accents, and the violence may not be for younger readers.  Having said that, it is a great book deserving of the awards and recognitions it received.

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