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“I’m a Count, not a Saint.”
By Naiesha Thobe

“I’m the Count of Monte Cristo, but my friends call me Edmond Dantès!”

Recently, I had the pleasure of re-watching the 2002 version of the Count of Monte Cristo. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen the movie, but they do say that true classics never die out.

The movie’s based off of the 1844 book “The Count of Monte Cristo” written by Alexandre Dumas père. Both the book and movie capture the two main themes very well, those themes being betrayal and desire for revenge. The movie puts a different spin on the classic, however, as it contains the main plot but also throws in elements of its own. For that reason I didn’t like the movie the first time I watched it. Being an avid fan of the many-paged novel, the twist that the big screen put onto it totally killed the whole thing. But, with the acting and visuals, and even the added elements of a “desired” plot, I could see past the movie being partly its own specimen.

From the beginning, the audience follows the adventures of a young sailor with the name of Edmond Dantès (played by Jim Caviezel). He’s essentially got it all: his job, good best friends, and a beautiful fianceé. Edmond is charming and liked by many because of that, but he is also an incredibly naïve nineteen year old. Because of this, he fails to see the trouble brewing before him until it is too late.

This movie contains not only the aforementioned themes of betrayal and vengeance, but it also puts a great deal of romance and action into the story. Therefore, if I only rate it as a movie, and not as a comparison to the book, I’d give it an 8.5 out of 10. For those who are the type to read a book and be disgusted when the movie doesn’t follow it word for word, I can’t say you’ll like this movie. But, if you’re optimistic and able to see past such things, give it a go! I recommend this movie for both the teens and older viewers.

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