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Elizabeth Horner is Editor of the Teen Scribes and advisor to Greenville’s Power of the Pen teams. She has published often on County News Online, in the Early Bird, The Daily Advocate and is now being syndicated in a number of online newspapers and periodicals.

Changing Times
By Elizabeth Horner, College Bound 2012

It’s easy to feel like our hold
On the past, is slipping away
We fervently cling to the world
As we saw it yesterday
We try to ignore things are changing
But we can’t miss the signs
We are swept up in the current
We are morphing with the times
Fear clenches our insides
At the thought of the unknown
After all, our life experiences
Are where we feel at home
Don’t think we don’t carry memory
Lodged deep within our hearts
You can’t separate someone’s future
From the place they got their start
But there is a gamble
When we chase after our dreams
You have to risk a part of yourself
For the chance you’ll succeed
I'll never forget 
Happy Birthday, Mom
Happy Father's Day, Dad

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