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An exploration of Emotions
From the Teen Scribes

Teen Editor Elizabeth Horner is a team leader for a group of Teen Scribes who were also participants in the recent Power of the Pen Regional and District competitions. She works with them on a weekly basis to improve their writing skills and to expand their horizons in a variety of areas. The following brief essays explored “Emotions” from a teen’s perspective… and how they drive thoughts and actions. Check them out… they provide a valuable insight into today’s youth and the communicators and leaders of tomorrow.

by Elizabeth Horner

Benjamin Franklin was interested in creating a universal language, but some sociologists theorize that the way we express our emotions comes close to that. We turn our lips up when we are happy or furrow our brows in anger and our mouths form an “o” of surprise. The reason is because everyone possesses similar emotions. It is part of what makes us human in the first place, and we are both strengthened and weakened by those feelings.  For example, I can feel anxious before going in front of a crowd to deliver a speech. Butterflies churn in my stomach, blood rushes to my cheeks as I take that microphone but that same worry also ensures that I practice before each event because I don’t want to embarrass myself.  Some members of Teen Scribes have been exploring emotions to write about, in an attempt to discover the ways our feelings affect us, and how we use them to effect change. Regardless of the old saying, “We are slaves to our emotions,” I believe we can all make choices that improve the way we feel. It’s like finally learning how to manipulate a new language.

By Leslie Logan
Jealousy.  It gets a hold of everyone at some point and time.  Your best friend gets an “android” cell phone while you still have a “track”.  The “odd girl” in your algebra class starts dating your crush.  Your cousin is driving a cool car while you are stuck with your grandpa’s hand me down.  Jealousy can make a person act “crazy”.  If you are the jealous type, you can end up destroying good relationships.  Jealousy can bring you heart aches and many types of pain.  Jealousy is the type of feeling you may hate because it also comes with other emotions such as anger, fear and sadness.  You may view jealousy as something bad for the negative feelings it triggers in people.  But I think jealousy is very human and a natural thing that we all go through.  It can be difficult to control in many situations but it is also not impossible to overcome and turn into something positive.  Jealousy can remind you of the things that you have taken for granted or areas you need to work or strive harder at.  Jealousy can force you to ask the question, “Why am I jealous?” and compel internal reflection that can lead to improving and bettering your self or highlighting the positive points that propel you to move forward.

The D.C. Trip
By Christal Smith
A fictional story and an exercise in creative writing
The bus ride to Washington D.C. was long and uncomfortable and in all honesty, it was tricky to train your bladder to not go when it wanted but it was nice to see your face though at each stop.  I tried to pay attention to the amazing sites of the trip but of all things, I couldn’t help but stare at you.  On the cruise, we took pictures … together.  I convinced myself you had a thing for me too.  Silly me!  The same day I noticed another boy.  I later found out he wanted my best friend.  But you and I were hanging out every chance we got.  Is love in the air?  Not.  I’m 14.  I really do not know what love is but back home on the last day of our 8th grade, you found out that I like you but you never answered.  Stupid eight grade crushes. I know better to not let this happen again.

The Smithsonian Dinosaurs!
By Leslie Logan
The all girls’ charter bus was about 75% asleep at the truck stop early morning when we had to change and get ready for our first day in Washington D.C.  After we were all primped and perfumed, our tour guide explained our activities for the day.  I caught on at the end of her explanation, something about “The Smithsonian”.  I laughed to myself as I remembered the movie, “Night at the Museum” with all the exhibits coming alive.  I turned to my friend and said in a little-kid voice, “Chrystal, you gonna get eaten by the dinosaurs at the Smithsonian!”
Christal’s sleepy eyes widened and that started our random little-kid argument.  Our hotel roommates in the trip found it hilarious so they recorded it and posted it on “Facebook”.  It’s one little event in our trip but we had good, good times … and oh, by the way, we didn’t get eaten by any dinosaurs!

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